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                           Designed for primary aged children

* As well as presenting in person science workshops and shows all over the UK we have our online club. These are for home educators, science clubs, young children’s clubs. Badge topics, and great for revision for school work, and anyone who wishes to be inspired by science.

* Inspiring young innovators, for science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) and art (STEAM)

* All topic linked to the primary science national curriculum                             FOR KS1 AND KS2 CHILDREN

* A great idea to extend the fun of learning is to join our online courses to help improve the understanding of science to young children, with topics that are linked to the national curriculum guidelines.




                    Receive ALL links together so you can choose when to run the course                                                                              OR

        Select the 5 day course - a Monday to Friday course we will send you the links daily


                      Select the 5 week course which will run on the same day for 5 weeks

                            Once purchased the course can be used over and over again

* You will be sent a free PERSONALISED BOX science box with 5 different science packs in it, related to each topic that should be used with our science links.

* Our awesome science kits are designed by us and are easy to use.

* There are voice overs, Online tutorials with interactive web pages and visual tricks,

* The printed worksheets are supplied (that can be photocopied for future  work) and the experiments are using things from around the home.

  Once you have ALL 5 LINKS you may keep these and use                                 over and over again

                                    TOPICS COVERED



                               LIVING THINGS  - PLANTS



 Each  topic / workshop lasting approx. 60 to 90 minutes

        PLEASE NOTE :- These are NOT the same workshops that we provide in schools,                                                 although the topics are the same