Tanks kit - Plastic cotton reels


These cotton reel toys were often made by our grand parents or great grand parents. Popular in the 1800 and 1900’s. They are easy to make and were made from wooden cotton reels and spent matches. They didn’t need batteries to make them move simply an elastic band. A circular piece of wax was used to make sure there was less friction this has been replaced by two metal washers and some sticky back stickers.

The kits consists of 4 plastic cotton reels/small sticks/large sticks (not pencils and shown ) metal washers and elastic bands PLUS 4 x push on spongy wheels for more Friction. Make them and race them. Instructions included - Great fun.

Links to History / Victorian style toys/ Forces / Alternative energy                     

                       PS12 -Cost = £6 includes postage of £3.50

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